#STEAMTheGap – It’s Time to Change the Equation


A number ofpainful incidents of gender bias add up to a strong film that introduces what Olay calls a multi-year initiative to close the gender gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers in India. The film repeatedly shows parents, teachers and other adults thoughtlessly enforcing a nonsensical belief that science and technology are not proper things for girls or young women to take an interest in..

Year of Your Tiger

Tiger Beer

It’s the Year of the Tiger. Make it yours.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger -A once in 12 years opportunity for Tiger Beer to embody the symbolic power of the Tiger and uncage our boldest ambitions for the year ahead. In our latest Global Campaign, we’ve created a year-long platform, launched across markets and fuelled by the innovative use of celebrities, media and PR with dynamic personalisation at scale.

We’ve teamed up with global football icon Son Heung-Min to ignite a movement that encourages people to set aside their fears and achieve their boldest ambitions this year. All with an omnichannel strategy, consumer-centric assets and digital amplification for rich engagement and online-to-offline experiences.

Touch of Care #CareLivesOn


The past year has been challenging for many, and it is our Doctors who have given the touch of care, by selflessly caring for us, and our loved ones.

This film takes viewers on the inspiring journey of Dr. Bhosale, who left no stone unturned to ensure many less fortunate children received life-saving medical attention before and during the pandemic. Gone too soon, Dr. Bhosale left behind his wife, kids and his dreams of building his own paediatric hospital. The film is a solemn reminder that like Dr. Bhosale, hundreds of doctors lost their lives during the pandemic leaving their dreams behind

Where in Time is Loki?


Leading up to the Loki series’ finale, we challenged fans to spot the God of Mischief across our social timelines before time is up.

Is This Home?

Health Promotion Board

Vascular dementia is more common than you think, but it is not inevitable. You can reduce your risk by taking steps to live a healthier life.

Holiday Troubles


Heineken says “cheers” to festive troubles in this campaign that invites people to take a cheery attitude towards holiday mishaps. Instead of worrying about things that go wrong, why not enjoy them? Perhaps with a fresh bottle of Heineken!

Don’t Uncle, Be Hunkle!

Health Promotion Board

Banish the “Uncle” label! Know your shape and shape it up with the right diet and fitness fixes.